Bonus Slots Update: Post #1

Slot enthusiasts know that bonus multi-line slot numbers are growing daily into an impressive, expanding line of newer models. At and with each issue of the Slots Report newsletter, we review and notify our readers as to what features, strategies and jackpot opportunities to look out for within the explosive bonus slots world.

To date, over 100 versions have been reviewed and archived. We plan to continue introducing the latest models and advising at Novoline our readers via a BVS Update Post format at least once per month or more depending on volume. Therefore, this is the first in a series of posted updates in an ongoing effort to inform and assist slot players' decisions before tackling the 'bonus slots' game at their favorite casinos.

Let's get started:

1) Blazing 7 Doubles: all these versions are brought to you by Bally and this one offers a 'double jackpot wild symbol' payout of 10,000 coins for three in a row. One of these symbols will double and two=4x payout. The secondary jackpot of three Blazing 7's will net you 1000 coins and middle jackpots are nice change. I cannot stress enough that this game must be played with max. coins; case in point, max or 3 coins payouts= 94% payback, while one coin a measly 87% payback--big difference.

2) Blazing 7 Times Pay: Bally's has expanded on this version with a 7X pay wild symbol. One such wild symbol will pay 7 times the jackpot, but how about 2 wild symbols for a great big 49x pay! And, 3 wild symbols=top jackpot of 10,000 for 2 coin max or 20,000 for 3 coin max. This is an example of spending one more coin for a better payday. With a hit frequency of every 6-7 spins, I will be leaving basic Blazing 7's slots behind.

3) Merlin: This was the original version of this bonus slot and featured the magician moving towards a castle 70 ft away and a timer ticking away. Each bet moves the player closer via the Advance symbol. Watch for an unfinished bonus round of 35 ft completed, time left, and play the maximum bet within these parameters and let the 'magic' begin.

4) Shopping Spree: A Shoppers' dream (did someone call my name?). Credits are accumulated on three standard reels. Upon reaching 50 points, there is a bonus award. Savvy players will look for 30+ points and play 2 credits/line.

5) Star Bucks: Retro space theme, third reel of the primary slot sets off the bonus game in space for extra multiplied winnings. Mr. Spock, are you there?

6) Spacequest: More outer-space play where a set time must be overcome to arrive 'faster than the speed of light'. Triggered by the 'UP' symbol, the astronaut player ascends with the intent of landing at the first bonus level of 70 lightyears. Betting max coins after reaching this level is advised. Houston, we have a winner.

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Bonus Slots Update: Post #2

We continue to advise readers about the latest multi-line slot models via BVS Update Posts.This is the second in a series of updates to assist slot players' decision-making before tackling the 'bonus slots' front at their favorite casinos.

1) Money Maze: standard reel play activates a creepy video creature known as a gargoyle through the maze as dictated by number of reel gargoyle symbol(s) on payline and number of coins wagered. Maximum bet is three coins and when the gargoyle appears, player must press spin button to determine which way figure moves. Stopping on a square with circled letter pays same as nearby number, but when highlighted bonus amount increases, Gargoyle then returns to initial position. This is a detailed game, so you may require the assistance of the Help Menu to take you 'thru the maze'.

2) Ducks in a Row: poker symbols are thrown together with five different types of ducks for a graphically rich playground vying for slot players' attention--nine-line, five reel with a possible maximum bet of 225 coins. I'm happy to report that the top jackpot lines up five of the 'female' ducks, while 'Lucky Dog', 'Duke Duck' and 'Joker Turtle' are wild also--more frequent and lesser pays, however. Three 'Wild Coins' counts as a scatter symbol for an extra reward. The name of this game is to get 'all your ducks in a row' for the top jackpot.

3) Jester: remember the court jester of the king's castle? He's here--the Jester symbol on the third reel of this slot triggers a top-box spin of 1-4 or 4-12 extra wins depending on coins played. You won't 'play the fool' with this game.

4) Pinball Deluxe: the wild symbol triples the jackpot in winning line-ups and pays 9x the jackpot if two wild symbols appear on the payline. Top jackpot is 3 wild symbols. While checking the top box of the machine, notice eight bonus buckets with a range of bonus coins plus a bonus chamber with slots marked--10, 50, 250 and 1000 coins. A nice feature for those players on a limited budget is that less than max coins can be played, however each coin will determine how many turns at the pinball game you get; e.g. 1 coin= 1 turn, 2=2 turns, 3=3 turns, etc. Watch the bouncing pinball as it moves upward towards the bonus chamber, dropping at your bonus payout, thus providing all the fun you remember from watching The Pinball Wizard.

5) Triple Red, White & Blue: this version wears you out with 17 possible winners that include combos of 7's -- mixed, red, white and blue. A nice jackpot is red, white and blue 7's in a row. The Triple Wild symbol is the multiplier with one=3x, two=9x and three as top dog prize in this generous game. For those players who like the roller-coaster ride of a game with payouts that can bring on the profits many times over, step right up.

We will return soon with more newer multi-line versions for you to explore.

Bonus Slots Update: Post #3

2001 has arrived, my Fellow Slot Players.

Along with a minted new year, let's bring on some minted bonus slots for you to explore in 'minted surroundings', otherwise known as the casino.

1) Diamond Blazing 7's: As with other Blazing 7's, there is a multitude of 7 combos activated by the second coin. With 3 coin versions, you get higher top jackpots, but try the 2 coin to stretch your bankroll. There are six possible jackpot combos paying 100 coins+. Three Blazing 7's=top jackpot. Although there are no wild symbols, there are lots of 'fired up' 7's in win combinations.

2) Run for Your Money Deluxe: Start with five times play, wild symbol, multiplying jackpots of 5X or 25X and there's more. Top bonus wheel=circles of cash-back numbers and a pointer getting larger with each inner ring toward the middle 1000 coins. Third reel sporting the 'Coin Man' takes you to this 'inner circle' of $$ treats. Remember to watch for 'Deluxe' versions of any bonus slot for bigger pays.

3) RWB Racing 7's: Based on the basic Red, White and Blue 7's but with higher hits. Bonus screen shows one red, one white and one blue 7 corresponding to each reel; then every 7 landing on that particular reel moves that selected 7 closer to the finish line. When total of 30 spaces is completed, a winner is determined and bonus amount added. Revvving to go with this slot!

4) Silver Moon: Nine-line, wild and free game mode are featured. As named, the Silver Moon is wild and scatter pay of dolphins can allow for as many as ten free games with triple jackpots. All play is under the light of the Silver Moon. Beam me down some jackpots!

5) Hot, Hot, Hot: Shades of the Caribbean with the familiar song and an Island paradise luring you with 'pearl', 'starfish' and 'seahorse' symbols. Select your spin button from the first, third and fifth reels, for when a pearl appears on the reel chosen, it activates the diver swimming after your precious bonus win. Treasure chest bonus amounts are awarded as you make your selection in another bonus event. Three starfish trigger three divers who race for extra bucks and keep you hummin' Hot, Hot, Hot -- yeah!

6) Gopher Cash: This is a golfer's dream slot, 'fore' when a 'score card' symbol appears on the third reel, you multiply your win by 2X, 3X or 5X.

Next round--the 'gopher' symbol on the first and fifth reel tees you up for the Gopher Cash Bonus Round. Nine golf balls with a frog and eight bonus amounts appear. If you pick the frog first, you move down the green to the Double Pay Bonus round; pick the same again on the first try, and you've just scored a Quadruple pay and a 'hole-in-one' style win.

The expedition to locate these slots should keep you 'on-the-hunt' until the next Bonus Slots Post. A reminder to my fellow slots players -- Be sure to sign up for the next issue of the Slots Report for lots o' slots information.

Bonus Slots Update: Post #4

It's a steady, but enjoyable, task to keep up with the slot manufacturers and their continuing parade of bonus slots maneuvering for space on the casino floors. Therefore, in the next few weeks, I will be reviewing many of these 'newbies' in a flow of Updates to keep up with this current slots trend. Here goes #4.

1) King Putt: Nine paylines for this round of miniature golf. 'King-Putt', the top jackpot symbol activates the two bonus rounds. Three or more of these symbols produce an instant bonus round and bonus amount as per the player's choice. Second-screen bonus starts up with three 'castles' and a mini-golf course scene. Putt your way through multipliers, bonus amounts to a potential 'Castle Bonus' of 13,500. Fore!

2) Money to Burn: First bonus when fireman's helmet, jacket and boots aline will pay ten times the total bet. With a hit frequency of every 1-2 spins, you have a good opportunity to be around for the second bonus. Get a combo of three fire alarm bells to open up to a burning building and three fire trucks numbered to correspond to three floors of the building with six flaming windows each. Choose which windows have the fire extinguisher, if correct, move on to next floor collecting multiplying bonuses. Not only are you 'putting fires out', but you reap the 'hot bucks' too.

3) Payout: A feast of colors for the eyes in this bonus-rich fruit, bar and 7's version. The 'Payout Bonus' symbol activates the bonus game. 'Match and Win' spins that are completed freeze the action until a spin stop at which time bonus bucks are calculated as per schedule. 'Line 'Em Up' bonus event begins with the player's selection in a sequence of--column, then freeze, then another column, freeze--until three of the same appear up, down or across. Another round begins and the bonus win rises to a well-deserved Payout!

4) Titanic: No sinking feeling here, on the contrary, this is upscale elegance of a classic slot. Sights of diamond jewelry, deck chairs, White Star logo, mystical music and the dreaded iceberg. Line up three sections of the 'big ship' for the top jackpot of 10,000 coins. Seven combinations and specific symbol payouts offer better than average wins and hit frequency. A storied ship encased in a better-than-basic slot.

5) Texas Tea: Black Gold - Oil that is. Greet Texas Ted, Armadillo from Amarillo, yellow rose, Cadillac and a Texas bull. Five Texas state symbols pays the 'big strike'. Three derrick symbols sends the game into shakes, shivers, gushing oil and finally the outline of Texas. With the help of Texas Ted, you plant the oil derrick(s) and watch the gushing returns. After three Texas Ted appearances, he invites you into his office and sends an 'Oil Dividend' check your way. A second 'striking reason' to play this game.

6) Trucks and Bucks: Rev up those Monster Trucks--throw in automotive, desert symbols, scatter-pay checkered flag and wild 'winner's cup'. Races are started with three scattered truck symbols anywhere or three lined up left to right (better pay). Choose your racer, start your engines, check multipliers and collect at the finish line.

I passed along this information in Slots Report #11 but it bears repeating here.

On the top of slots are lights or candles that signify the denomination of the slot. Nickels=Red, Quarters=Yellow, 50c=Gold and $1=Blue. This should help immensely during slot expeditions.

More 'newbies' are also featured in each issue of the Slots Report.

Bonus Slots Update: Post #5

Let's begin another expedition for newer bonus slots. You will find Double Diamond 2000, the update of an all-time favorite slot among the versions in this latest post.

1) Richard Petty's Driving Experience: Of course, there are racing symbols--checkered flags, pit-stop tools and race cars. Petty's car landing anywhere in the pay window sends you to the bonus round. Revving engines and Charlotte raceway is the scene awaiting your eight choices of inside or outside to make a pass. Each time you make that pass you are upping the multiplier and upon completion, you are awarded top bonus of 500 X bet or 22,500 coins max. Roarrrr.

2) Double Diamond 2000: Bring on the old with a new twist. Wild symbols that multiply into more money, more paylines and symbols of diamonds, jewelry, bundles of cash, and shiny baubles. Double Diamond wild doubles the jackpot, two for quad and three for eight times.

Five dancing jewel boxes prompts a bonus round for a player's choice of 15 jewel boxes. Locate the double diamond in one of five picks and you are in for a sixth pick plus all amounts double. The scatter-pay feature is a jeweler and there is an award high of 4500 coins.

You will find this latest updated, classic IGT version in most casinos.

3) Monkey Business: A noticeable slots display on the casino floor; it is surrounded by a jungle, palm trees and bubbling water encased in transparent trunks and striking signs. Animated movies up top and on your screen add to your playing fun. Toss in a bonus multiplier wheel with 2X-25X pay amounts, three monkey icons and one 'Witch Doctor' waiting to set off the bonus game. A second chance bonus round occurs when you land two monkeys at which time you are offered a spin to get that third monkey--the name of the game here.

Other cash awards await as you make your choices on the 16 spot game grid. Just watch out for the Witch Doctor who will end your bonus round before you can get on with more Monkey Business.

4) Family Feud: Three version series: a) standard 9-line game, b) multideck VideoPoker game and c) a video re-spin slot plus film clips featuring Richard Dawson and Louis Anderson atop the display. The latter is the most popular where the player can have their picture taken and watch their play on the game screen--transported to the TV show stage. Introductions all around including the opposing family, sound, applause, cheers and 'Let's Play the Feud'. Once you stop the answer button within the top four answers, your reward is tallied up on the credit meter. That 'On-Air Bonus' is truly defined here--have fun at The Feud.

5) Ride to Riches: Wild symbol on each of three reels results in frequent bonuses and re-spins. One wild pays 2-1 and that's the least of your winnings in this generous game where over one third of the pays are 15 coins+ for mixed bar and wild symbols. Certainly a winning ride.

On that note, I am riding out of here until our next expedition trekking through the bonus slot jungle.

More 'newbies' are also featured in each issue of the Slots Report.

Bonus Slots Update: Post #6

I have received many e-mails inquiring about playing bonus versions that I review online. I can save you a lot of time and search engine browsing in that none of these bonus slots are licensed for online gaming. Land based casinos are the only locations at this time that these games are placed and played (say that 10 times fast).

I will definitely spread the word if that changes for online players. Post #6 follows.

1)Double Bucks: The 'scale' symbol wild subs for all except scatter pays which is a coin symbol. The bouncing coin sets off the free game mode. Dependent on your original line bet, your free spins begin and triple all jackpots in the 9 line version. Double-Double your gaming leisure fun.

2)Roamin' Rhinos: Look for the Black Rhino symbol to sub in this poker-style game. Land two or more of these on any of the lit lines, freeze, then the remaining reel is spun five times picking up jackpots along the way for a 'hefty' bonus win. Great graphics and music assist in the hunt.

3) Black Rhino: Another version that expands the African theme offering nine paylines. The Black Rhino is still the symbol to watch for, however a scatter-pay 'mask' symbol has been added to your slot safari.

4) Multi-Jackpot: Lots of wild multipliers from Sigma. Throw in wild symbols of 2X, 3X and 5X pay numbering three of each. Payouts are as follows: one of any symbol returns your bet, two with a blank pays 2-1 and three mixed wild symbols pay 300 coins. Multipliers kick in when accompanied by single, double, triple bars and/or 7's. The 2X, 5X, triple bar can produce a win of 630 coins. At the top of the bonus tree are two 5X symbols, bar and/or 7 = 125 X base jackpot. The motherlode of three 5X pays 37,500 coins with max of 3 coins played. This game puts the multi in multiplier games with multi payouts. Got your attention, multitude?

5) Three's a Charm: Bally sets up their popular Blazing 7's here. If you land three winning combos in a row, the jackpot for the third win is multiplied by 10. The first coin buys bars, second coin buys 7's and the top jackpot is a 'blazing' 10,000 coins for Three's a Charm. The high hit frequency in this game, sights and sounds and opportunity to stay in the game longer is the real 'charm' of this simple slot.

6) Betty Boop's Love Meter: Remember Bell Ringer with the 'test your strength' theme, well now sexy Betty sits at the top of the box with her sultry boop-boops cheering for a bonus win. A wild horse symbol mixes with 7's to trigger a bonus round. Keep your eye on the lights flashing as you climb the love meter. Are you huggable, steamy, a volcano or a top winning inferno--whoa lover you've just picked up a bonus win.

That's all folks, boop, boop-e-doo.