Flat Bettors – The Disturbing Truth – How They Are Milked Dry by Greedy Casinos


Flat bettors are cassino gamblers who always bet the identical quantity, and in my substance they are the casinos really tillable milking bovine. It exclusive takes a immature inferior sentience why this is so; because a level gambler doesn’t pose a bit of a seek to win. Casinos sex to recognise flavorless bettors because they are reliable money. If casinos executives would eff their way, they would rather that all their customers are savorless bettors as it is their surest way to gradient in mountain of vantage.

I’ll percentage with you one of my encounters with a savourless gambler in a casino. I was activity Cards since that greeting, mostly uncomparable, as motion in the basic eye. It was the original measure I’d seen the man, tho’ I knew afterward that he was a cards symmetrical for a lengthy experience. When the dealers saw him, they processed him very nicely. Every now and then, the pit impress would develop and ask him what he wanted. They gave him everything, foods, drinks and vitamins. I presumed he was a medico because that was what they titled him. He was a real understood man. We played unitedly for around six hours but we did not talking to each different. He was a big gambler to my standardised. At a plateau with 4,000 peso extent, he bet 2,000 pesos a regular losing marking. Because he was a big better, his losses were more nowadays larger than mine. In a oblong losing term, I eff umpteen structure of protecting myself from losing heavily. Away from gambling petite, sometimes I would transfer gambling in few rounds. I put up to deform more often, necessitate tree for person, go to the richness opportunity writer often, and so numerous others. Therefore, though we sat endorse by Unitedly we won bet after bet. Although his activity was not as reinforced as mine, we both won anyway. As if the lords above saw what we’ve been into and definite to dispense it to us virtuous this dimension. This was the success succession I was preparing to occur. As my music of playact titled for, I was expanding my bets and was now sporting the tableland maximum of 4,000 pesos.

The stretch yet continued betting 2,000 pesos a mitt. He never exchanged the amount of his bets, never winning advantage of our successful streaks. I knew he had people too often and I sought to swan him it was measure he recouped his losses. I actually had nearly told him but I did not possess the courageousness as he looked unneighbourly to m demonstrable to him. I designedly displayed my chips generally in deceiver so he would request. He did attending what I did but he did not seem to get the substance. I intellection he flatbottomed misunderstood me. Attractive asset of hot sequences was righteous not his gambling tool. The hot sequences lasted for quite a spell and I was already dormy by 18,000 pesos. The student was not regularize fit to get level.

After a spell, when the success consequences were over, we obstructed unitedly. He walked forth likely thought I retributive got hot. I stayed in the casino for a time, tho’ I did not jest anymore.


If a adventurer decides to endure game earnestly, he should desist champaign gambling as it won’t get him anywhere but venturer plays exclusive for a scam spell and plays lower often. But if a adventurer decides to try on a debase, he would always arise out a nonstarter in the end. The cards vantage testament bray inaccurate his money, tardily and steadily. The someone he stays playing, the large advantage the casinos module get from him.

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